Top Destinations in United Kingdom

What is the Weather in United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom has what is known as a temperate climate with most of the country seeing cool wet winters and warm wet summers. There are few extremes in heat or cold, although different areas of the country do have different climates. London, which is in the southeastern section of the country has a warmer and dryer climate than Cumbria which is located in the northwestern part of the country and has cooler temperatures as well as more rainfall. Coastal areas have maritime winds as well as heavy rains while the far northern sections of the country deal with Arctic winds.

How do I get Around in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has an extensive train system and it is often the best way to see the country. There is also a large coach, or bus, system in the United Kingdom that can transport you between cities. Because the United Kingdom is fairly small, you can travel to Scotland from London in just four hours while Wales and the outlying areas are not difficult to reach. It is also possible to rent a car if you want to travel at your own pace when you visit the United Kingdom.

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