Top Destinations in Italy

What is the Weather in Italy?

In most of Italy, the weather is Mediterranean with cold, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. However, there are some exceptions. Central Italy, where Rome and Florence are located, has four distinct seasons. In the eastern area, which is more mountainous, the temperatures are usually lower. Northern Italy, where Liguria and Milan are located, there is more snow in the winter and the summers are a bit cooler. Milan deals with fog in the winter while Venice has high tides in the winter months. The Italian Alps are the coldest area of Italy, and they deal with a significant amount of snowfall in the higher elevations. Southern Italy as well as Sicily deal with hot, sunny days in the summer and windy, rainy and cold days in the winter.

How do I get Around Italy?

By far, the best way to travel around Italy is by train as the country has an extensive network of high-speed trains that travel between larger cities as well as many regions of Italy. If you prefer traveling at your own pace, you can rent a car in Italy. If you plan to visit Tuscany, Sicily or the Riviera Coast, driving is the best way to see the most sights. Keep in mind that most cars in Italy are manual transmission and it can be difficult to find parking in larger cities. Some towns restrict car access in their historic areas and most roads require tolls. There are bus networks, but they are somewhat limited.